Friday 6/11/2010 12:55:00 AM

I licked the dry cotton candy of her cunt. Charmed by the sugar. Left empty by the scent. She lay there. A thin cactus amongst so much sand. Sipping the sunlight and pretending her thirst had been absolved.

The chipped rim of the glass dared my lips to drink. The thick skulk of the moon demanded my eyes stop seeing. I was already drunk and would only become more so. A venomous snake with its jaws unhinged.

Her thighs seemed a treasure map. Her body a small cache of riches. The thunder wheezed in the distance. The rain had already begun. I found myself in an empty playgrounds still thick with the fragrance of children.

I throw the switch and wait for something to happen. Coasting forward on slim rubber bands. Eventually snapping back. The pale yellow stare of the sun exposing my mania for everything it is. Half poetry. Part hopelessness. A nomad. In a barren world. A badly torn map. Guiding me to places that are no longer there.

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