Thursday 5/13/2010 12:50:00 AM

What's out there? Nothing. Everything. What's across the sea? Familiar strangers and missing curtains. On the windows no one should see in. Her eyes turn sideways and she says there are places there. Where dinosaurs are not dead. And we don't yet have any reasons to resent.

The broken zippers that too often betrayed us. The empty pockets we played for full. The moon on its cavernous arc. As the night falls empty.

Wisdom comes in violent stabs. My lessons devour me. The monster is gentle. It's the victim that is aggressive. The devil arrives in tight pony tails and torn panties. The evil is quiet. Soothing. Everything else is loud. Obnoxious. Defeating.

Finally she convinces the cow to jump over the moon. Ecstatic that the dish still loves the spoon. They all confront an army of hours. Convinced the world has only just begun.

A paper machete lobotomy. Dense with glue and missing friends.

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