Wednesday 5/12/2010 01:08:00 AM

Colors unfold. In heavy guns that weigh down my tired soldiers. The bucket leaking as I depart from the well. Wondering how deep it goes.

Her lips like peanut brittle. Cutting sweetness gouging my tongue. Her breasts empty shells. My fresh blood filling them up.

Wait not on the sun she cautions. The sun never shines anymore. It only skulks behind a curtain of clouds. As this rain continues to fall.

Half finished songs that hum through my skin on the whims of sour milk and rotten chocolate. Nervous ants gathering their crumbs. Under the shadow of the giant foot.

Turn off the light she instructs. As the window dies and the sidewalks fall dead. When there is nothing left out there we are only alive inside ourselves.

Leaky buckets fighting infernos.

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