Wednesday 5/26/2010 12:25:00 AM

The glass broke and the snow fell to the ground. Fragments of time everywhere. Small splinters of a life that had only imagined itself. She blamed the water. For washing it away. She blamed the glass for being so fragile as to break. She blamed everything except the person who had been so careless. As to let it slip away.

She spent her days organizing the earthquakes that had to be. Debating names for the end. Hopeful that it would come soon. Fearful of what it would entail.

She had lived so long counting the winters that would suddenly arrive from nothing. The snow always at her feet. The curvature of the world constantly looming. Time she had imagined was something that occurred of its own will. Amd she thought it selfish that it would forget her so often.

The sun she knew to be far away, but close enough. The winter she had always speculated would behave in the same way.

When the glass broke and the water washed away all snowflakes she knew she was mistaken.

The winter was over and she was lost without it.

Her jagged purgatories at last, admitting, the flaws in their heavens.

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