Tuesday 12/08/2009 12:35:00 AM

Empty shoes on the porch. Solving for missing feet. The enigma of sleep waking her up again. To find out. That she is still dreaming, Nightgowns in the attic. Whispering loud. As she shed these extraneous skins. Windows in the roof. Filtering the sunlight on her bed. Through exhaustive shadows.

The world come in paces. Wobbling on weak knees. The gravity come in multiples. Times force. Time mass. Time the distance. There is. To fall.

Waiting for the wolf. In the rumble of the bricks. Blown down. Searching for the switch. In the dark rooms. Where these pictures tend to develop.

I don't see. Can't. Won't. Don't remember how to. These numbers know us.

The force exceeds the mass. There's only gravity to blame. Only friction to explain. if and when. We stop.

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