Sunday 12/06/2009 01:31:00 AM

The ladder between her legs is broken. No easy way down. The gap in her abdomen. Teases darkness. In manic theories. the geometry of how. Something so small can weigh so much.

The weather wears us. In heavy scarves. As these coats come off. Despite the cold. Umbrellas closed. Even though it's still raining. A series. Of empty needles. Left in that crease. As I try to pull myself up.

Shuffling these skins. Paper dolls losing their grasp. Physics the same as love. Not understanding. How near the end is. I coax the demon out of its hiding place. Intending to destroy it. I convinced the demon to come closer. Not knowing. It was was already there.

It's just old wood. Still burning under the soil we toss on it. Red fingers. And torn underpants. Aflame in this weak body's rotting jack o lantern. The weather like a tired compass. Pointing me in directions I'm too scared to go.

The rain. As stubborn as I am. Still falling.

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