Sunday 10/11/2009 01:37:00 AM

Long hairs sifting through the darkness. Slender ropes chase the marrow. In the bones that remain broken. Lifetimes in a cast. Heal only the pieces they can find. Of shattered bulbs. A fragile treason of light. In a world where blindness prevails.

Busying herself entertaining the snakes. Obsessed with the venom. Soothed by the empathy inherent in each dose of the poison. Her lips. An unfinished tattoo. On the face of heaven. The stencil still in place as she shuns the needle.

She went far. Though not so far as to forget. How often the future and the past intersect. Our arrogance and the press of science. Knotting together the tiny hairs. On the genitals gods and men.

The grief of urgent atoms. As the nuclei grow impatient. The slick of sex as we trouble ourselves with those same mundane deceptions. That choose for us. How quiet the music is. How far the rubber band stretches.

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