Wednesday 5/13/2009 12:34:00 AM

Impatient portals. Usher us in. Other worlds. The same. Different. The gremlins with their tiny teeth. Chewing on the connections. That keep the window open long enough. That we can see them. There without us. Still the same. And different. A long series of numbers waiting for someone who knows what the next one is.

The mute lion. With nothing but quiet fangs to show. Slips on a monkey's eyes and begins to roar.

Just enough. She crooned as the poison found her lobe. The kite string tightening around her neck. His grip like graffiti on her skin. Brutal art beautifying a timid canvas.

Dovetails on the doorway. Keep the dimensions elastic. As she tries to measure the distance. Between.

Stealing herself from other dimensions. She tried. She tried so often. But never managed to change anything. Searching the world for weak spots. Finding them only within.

The bright science at her feet surrendering. To the dark paradox of strangers. I don't know you now. But someday I will. And it will be a mistake.

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