Tuesday 4/14/2009 12:12:00 AM

She had time. Or it had her. How to know the difference? Thong or g-string. Your ass is bare either way. Zero times zero she grumbled into her pillow. As one left. Roads close. Airplanes crash. Train tracks never go away. Because we need a path.

She had read every fairy tale. And lived each one. The wolf. The pigs. The princesses. They were true. She knew. But always only in the saddest interpretations.

She'd been on rocket ships that had soared passed the moon. It was lonely. She had been on big ships in the middle of the ocean. It was lonely. She had been all over the world. Countries. Places. People. It was lonely. Zero times zero.

Puddles of skin spilling gracelessly into one another. Try her on. Try her off. Hares on the race course. Forgetting the tortoise. Monkeys pulling the decimal left. Not comprehending percentages. Eager to multiply their zeroes.

The casual dilemmas flesh faces. Easily absolved. With first grade arithmetic. Zero times zero.

She had her bricks. But she gave them all away. Hoping to be eaten.

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