Monday 4/13/2009 12:15:00 AM

He fixed the math. Quite easily. Portions of god he explained. Were what the numbers needed.

She drew her bath. The acid quite controlled. She laid out her things. Her panties amongst the colorful. Her cunt. Just like a desert where all the plants heave to grow. Her breasts. A Ferris wheel. content to strand passengers on top of the world.

Adam came. Before he ever met Eve. The last thing we need is a short-sighted god with a penchant for rules. The monkeys danced. Long before anyone had named them. The monkeys made war with sticks and stones. All we did was make war into a bigger profit.

I tried to fix the math, but it was too far broken. I offered it a crutch to replace its missing limbs. You can go back only so far. But you can change nothing.

Long skirts on little girls. Big men with the scissors between their fingers. Cutting open.

Fixed numbers. Flaunting the differences. Not worth mentioning.

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