Thursday 4/16/2009 01:13:00 AM

She walked for miles with that pebble in her shoe. It was so many years before she realized. it had always been there. Always would. She wore that torn nightgown with so much pride. By the time you get there you're naked.

She used to say. Still does. Choice is. The weakest legacy of flesh. She would speculate. About time. With the same aggressive pessimism. Time is just a pattern. A random confluence of circumstance colliding with immovable bodies. The problem with inertia is that it's too agreeable.

Chronology is only a symptom of eager cells. Busy with absent-minded bouts of reproduction. Evolution made sex this good. It took humans to ruin it.

There are so many places to be. This reality. Or the countless others this universe threatens. Heavy trench coats. defy the climate. As we continue to ignore. The swaying bridge.

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