Saturday 4/18/2009 12:38:00 AM

Adverbs and adjectives. The forward and the back. Doing cartwheels on the atom. I would say it's ugly, but that would be cliched. I would say it's absurd, but that would be treason.

You can't just go to a bar. You have to wake up in one after too many strangers. You can't just find god. You have to know that he's not there. That the meaning in the math can only take us so far. And the science. it listens hard, but seldom hears.

Adverbs and adjectives. Meaning and meaninglessness. The man in his skin. Rummaging around for a switch. To turn on. See again. To turn off. Be sightless at last. Now that he knows. There is nothing to see here.

Monkeys at the backdoor of heaven. The devil offering them a way in.

You can't just have sex. You have to be had by it. Absolved to. The last few grains. As that hourglass empties. Adverbs. Adjectives. Strangers at the gates. All sick with your dilemma.

God in missing words. This puzzle. I've assembled. These men. Bits of Pi. Rationalize the circle. These phrases. Adverbs and adjectives. Stutter on the fulcrum. I lean on the lever. And all these puzzles are solved.

It's just bone. On a steep waterfall of flesh. They're just gods with their eyes closed. As we swoon over their cliffs.

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