Tuesday 4/21/2009 01:04:00 AM

I was contending with how. Dirty glasses on my eyes. Spoiling the world. That old movie screen heavy across my brow. It felt like the music would never stop. We'd be charmed forever. By these prosaic victims. Doomed to that cliched twist. Where the villain is vanquished. And the hero is forgotten.

Still knives on the edge of the paper. As we grope for the story. The stout darkness. Shrinks my fingers. Makes the words too heavy.

In the bedroom. Where the mouse is often chased and seldom caught. She tests out her claws. In her empty nightgown. The trap is set. Soft cheese anticipates broken necks. The predator is certain. The sratches are deep. Price tags on flesh. Default to the mortgage of touch.

Heavy boulders to push. As the mountain continues to repeat.

The flight to Olympus. Reveals only absentee gods. The door to heaven. Bursts open. To emptiness.

She's gone.

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