Wednesday 4/22/2009 12:55:00 AM

Composite moments. Multiply when. Exponents. Converge. Quantum beasts extract the molecules from if. Add the ghosts. Subtract the flesh. Divide by then.

The candy house is easy to eat. Hard to digest. She sits on her sweet pot of shit. Drawing in the piss. Pathways. To how. The sugar turned hard. And stole our teeth.

Whispering to the pigs. Warning them. They don't listen.

Scratching at the switch. Numbers falling down. One push. They all fall. Teasing the edge. In fits of spandex and panties. Only a desperate man can understand. The monster in her ball gown. Stepping out of the portal. No world can keep her in. Or out.

I can't go there. Only glimpse. As she tears the nails from time's fingertips. Cuts off its toes with heavy wrenches.

I only know. She's wasting her pain.

No matter what she does to it.

It will never tell.

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