Saturday 2/14/2009 12:05:00 AM

I pointed at the process. Lingering experiments distorted the results. The parallel. Her hair. Something so mundane. More alive than anything I can recall.

The opening. The lengthy filament. Long snakes with vitreous poisons to lend. To red doll lips. Void the armies. Split the bullets. Open her legs to reveal the locks.

Plastic fingers stuck in hold. Like cracking lollipops. Sharp teeth strive for the paper twig. That tamed the sugar. Soiled the friend.

It's the process that's at fault. It's the molecules that are the cause. For this trip back. To where we forgot. Why the dolls are naked. Why we can not satisfy those plastic faces.

the jutted smile. Pierces every rift. The axiom imposed. Bare threads. As I clench my thimble. The pins are in place. I have no thumbs. No fingers left. The knot misses.

The devil turns on his radio. And listens.

For my confession.

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