Friday 2/13/2009 12:19:00 AM

Write down the numbers. There's no way to keep them all in your head. Pale fragments. Suspended in skin. Dodecahedron's. The manic geometry of then.

Brilliant ratios. Spoil the darkness. With broken knobs. Doors that won't close. Windows that wonn't be shut. Still there she is. Inside. So many calculations separating us.

The box. Humming with the orgasm of a million moments. About to be. Or always were.
The pirates in her stare hold his dick for ransom. These ugly negotiations are life's foundation.

The loop. Strangles the process. Beginning and end the same. Clowns lacking makeup. And red noses. Stumble from the car. Like all the people I almost was. The atoms form a pattern. Scars on the firmament. Construct a compass. In her lap.

Like arrogant clouds. Confident in their thunder. She bends over to steer the vessel, but the loop persists. Stubborn dominoes. Still falling upward.

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