Sunday 11/09/2008 02:12:00 AM

Patriots in stretchy pants tell us what color the world is. I'd already be asleep if it weren't for liars. Bland claws in the stroke of blood. Tames lions through fiery hoops. A circus of men. Barely avoiding the elephant's giant dung.

I could do a trick or two. This plus that is equal to then. Turn the knob. Relive the kill. That took all these years to prove. Wait in line at the store. Turn the puppet in on itself. Rent the tuxedo for the tepid innuendo. Explain it all with a silence that lasts too long for anyone to dispute.

The condom on her lips. Moist with a feral tension. That the wild is close. But memory still pushes it away.

The solution. In chapped lips. Applies the medicine. To calm the cancer. That makes yesterday a viable excuse.

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