Monday 11/10/2008 02:12:00 AM

He was sad. The atom at the end of its cycle. The stab relenting the numbers. Winter barely begun. He was cold already. In busy pajamas nervous with the structure. Of an eager world.

Not looking she pointed at the target in his pants. Blind she said. Always seemed appropriate. Given her circumstances. I am small. I know this. It's why I listen so big.

A little bit of neon to illuminate the inert. Butchers like fractions. Determine the meaning of dirt. Bloated treasure maps in dead equations. Steal the lamb from the lion.

It's never what I thought it would be. Stuttering skin coughing out words. In broken syllables. Pretending someone is listening.

The people are the world. The world is not people. We hold that lantern high. Flaunting our parachutes.

Imagining we can gauge.

How far away the ground is.

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