Friday 10/17/2008 12:33:00 AM

Unmaking beds with trembling teeth. Angry atoms sorting their neutrons. The shape of change observed. If your stare. Isn't that what heaven is? When the world is all molecules. Falling apart is salvation. Crumbling. Little soldiers into the stopgap of the universe. Asking if the war will ever end.

Of course not.

We are it. It is us. Muddy gloves on sticky triggers. But we forgot the bullets.

I saw god once. He was dark and not as wise as I thought he would be. He was discussing abortion with Jesus. They couldn't agree. On when life first occurred. You're alive when you are. And dead when you're not. But there are so many stages unbeaten. Of course, any addict knows this. The world doesn't belong to us. Rather we to it. In soft coughs on foggy glass we search for a face we've never seen.

It's all strangers and arithmetic. In arguments with when. I was still young enough to dismiss this enormous deficit.

All that's left to do is accept the loss.

Wait for the wolf to throw up. Retrieve myself from the vomit.

We're only alone because all this skin keeps us apart.

There's a chemistry to each of us. None of which I understand. Except that there must be so many atoms that don't know at all. What they are together.

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