Saturday 10/18/2008 12:32:00 AM

Stubborn costumes lay on the skin. In razor folds. Determined to be. Something. Spoil the rat with traps. Mirrors in clay. Show shape. No color. Counting the photons. Flashes of sight kill the lock on the cellar door. It's down there. The empty carcass. Skeleton with their faces in their hands. Claiming they aren't whom we remember.

The alligator with his teeth all sharpened. Stalking the river's edge. Until something tries to cross. The other side. Whatever is in our way. Always too near.

The abortion right there in her throat. As she swallows the words again. Old men. In sturdy houses. Painting lilies amongst the grass. With sad eyes that never look at hole. He admits the inn is full. The coin on its side. Refusing to let anyone win. The song in her pocket hoping to be heard. Just one more time.

The cartoon of her eyes in short cliffs and heavy anvils. Gravity surprises. Not falling. Just realizing. there's nothing there.

As round as it is there are still corners.

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