Saturday 3/29/2008 11:51:00 PM

Cocksucker. Formaldehyde lips grin deep. With jagged teeth. Missing underwear. Yellow fangs. Bitch. Melted chocolate on severed fingers. Cast the flag. Silence the piper. The rodents have taken over heaven.

Each moment is my savior. As I stumble one to the next. Each hour is my judge as I pierce the skin of so many fallen apples. You can cry god, but he never cries us. Liar in the sky drowning his ant farm.

To start another.

As if we never were.

Or had been his likeness.

He's the failure. Not us. And therefore is inadequate.

Heaven, I have found, lies precisely in the middle between the entry and the exit of unsolicited cocks. A kingdom of torn vaginas hoping to cover their asses.

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