Saturday 1/12/2008 01:15:00 AM

Thwarted passengers on a long bus. Dense with discussions about infinity. I'm still there. Adding and subtracting. Even when everything has given up on counting. Faces. little embryos of lies spawning a species. I'm there on your cheek. The threat of color thickening your words.

I can hear. All the things he never said. Flesh rumbling to life as we insert our key into the ignition. Idling there. Polluting this space with places we'll never go. Shoulders we won't be stranded together on.

I can hear the world in brittle metaphors begging me to relent. Faces. Each on a paper cut. No blood. Just skin pleading surrender.

I can't make it right. Wouldn't even try. I'm just waiting for the right time to say I don't remember.

I used to travel time. Pretending it wasn't chasing me.

Now I'm too slow.

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