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Distance Over Time
Tuesday 8/28/2007 12:03:00 AM

It's the distance between picking the place and going there that always gets in the way. Open bottles sifting through the debris of various moments. At soft angles. Gentle enough so that I can't smell. Decision disappearing into alcohol. Choices made long ago. Threaded through my skin in sloppy stitches. Holding together holes that still haven't closed.

The hour in its denim. Thick with daredevils. Speeding up as I approach the gap between their words and their actions. Intentions flying like darts at a bar. Tiny torpedoes launched by humbled hands. Cold contests of submission decide whom we'll want.

Shy bulls eyes get lost in thick walls. In a nest of choices. Empty since. Friendship took over this skin. The passive restraints alcohol and email. Little gods with big heads. Making the letters hard. Making the words a villain.

But it only takes another drink to find them. Lost balloon floating away toward the sun. As light as it was. I still lost my grip. As far away as it floats. I can still see it. All the clouds are too ready to shift. To let me watch it disappear.

They found a void in our universe. A giant void. And now I'm always asking myself if I am it.

Pallav said...

mad travels, beer bottles, and staring into the void! strange just the way we like:)



Do you smile?

alcholic poet said...

all the time.

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