Thursday 8/30/2007 12:15:00 AM

We were leaving. In little gulps. A rooster in the middle of every nap. We were leaving together. Going somewhere alone. In little sips of big drinks. In nervous parades of skin we marched with gummy bear toes. With saltwater taffy shin. I waited for the first bite of too far. Prepared to limp the rest of the way. The long stretch of clarity that these thick, sweet lies thin. Sticky moats of obsession still my size. Ready to be tried on.

Worn stuffed animals dilineate soft margins. Smiles sewn in to still faces. Unblinking eyes turn worry to pills. I take them each in varied succession. Sex a calm vaccine against love Painted plastic eyes. Sewn lips. Frozen finger and toes. The dolls try to speak of their paralysis. How unfortunate they're unable.

He used to send me living flowers. Now they're all dead.

So many colors that never bred.

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