Tuesday 4/03/2007 12:44:00 AM

So the cartoon began to speak. In Arrogant hiccups. Things unsaid loping one frame at a time. Through the aristocracy of happiness shunning. The elite motherfuckers we love more than ourselves calling our bluffs. It's not unrealistic. We are. Of course it was complaining. Why would it say anything otherwise. Thick with ointment. To smother the sting. The sad parole of lives from one prison into the next.

The rag dolls in the the crease of the pillow. Counting the belt loops in his jeans. The snake of his fingers as they poison her with pleasure. The bite of the horsefly. The crimson of the summer. Like so many men pretend to know.

The overdose in her nightgown. The only bit of her he had left to love.

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