Monday 3/19/2007 11:46:00 PM

Turning over the pedsetal. The liquid staining like blood. Sucking on the tailpipe of the darkness. Licking every dent of lipstick from its ugly grin. Biting down on the reds. Desire overwhelming. And the blues. Reality staunch on its soapbox. With fouled teeth. Running. With scissors in hand. Through outlines more edge than center.

Deciding. The lisp of the bed huddled in intimate campaigns. Both for and against us. Maybe I was always this lonely. Or it just seems that way since.

Trudging through the sewers of touch. Planting our roses in oceans of shit. Maybe it's not so crazy.

Scoop out the feuts. Carve the face. Put a candle inside to light up that pumpkin. It's always Halloween when I'm in love. Even completely naked, I'm still in costume.

And that is how I know they are too.

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