Sunday 3/18/2007 12:12:00 AM

He pulled his penis out of her body. Leaving the hole slightly larger than it was before he had stuck her. He pulled it out. A needle still fat on the drug. Tripping over her sober skin as she explained addiction in run-on sentences.

Lucid jabs of delirium condescending her understanding. Person by person. Touch by touch. In limpid arguments with dirty eyeglasses. She pretends to see. what she never has. The perfect convex of batting eyelashes pushes flesh aside. It's better to be nearsighted. Better not see. How far it is.

The passive carnivore that wets her bed. Like sizing on an empty canvas.

You were absurd. The choke of hesitation dooming every word. You were impossible. A tournament of maybes posturing. Lifetimes gone in a second's pause.

I'm not recovering.

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