Monday 10/16/2006 11:27:00 PM

The great thing about Halloween is that everyone has license to be whomever or whatever they want to be for one night. The problem is as adults we're either giving out candy or escorting our children as they beg for it.

What we need is a new day. One where grown ups can put on their chosen costumes. One where we really become someone else for the time being. Not just pretending. We need to feel it. The extra chlorophil in the grass on the other sides of those fences. Find out for ourselves if it's just as pale or if it really is better.

We need a holiday where people can find out what it's like to be someone else. Whether it's better or worse. Or just the same story written in a different way.

I'd change costumes if I could. But I wouldn't want to be a super hero. Nor a famous person. I'd just want to be someone who's happy with their life.

I'd want to be someone who doesn't need to be someone else.

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