Sunday 10/22/2006 12:21:00 AM

Later on, you know. After we've watched some tv. Squeezed all that dark out of the floors. Laced up our other feet.

He was pale. Caught in an ambivalent sleep. I tried to be inconspicuous as he huffed his path through the nightmare. While I wondered what the monsters were. If they at all resembled me.

All scrambled up with a song or some. Their lips chasing words I'd already used. The heavy thud of dust escaping boxes we never named. A glass skin on every picture. A paper skeleton inside each one.

We loped through the banging in pajamas made of rock. One blink at a time it promised to happen eventually.

There in our everything. We clung to the edge. Heroes with bitten nails. Little girls in daddy's trousers. Searching the ceiling for footprints.

Because nothing is where it should be.

Burnt toast deals out a hollow aroma. Of faltering consequence. As the crumbs dive from the toaster like buoys made of glass.

And there we are. Playing poker with our memories of star trek.

Hoping a title will erupt in all this chaos.

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