Sunday 10/22/2006 11:11:00 PM

We were on the twelfth floor. Her reason on the other side of the world. We bought six packs of brown eggs and cereal with cartoons we didn't recognize. She bought her wine in little bottles from an indian woman with a british accent. We walked for miles not knowing the name of the road we were on. But always ended up where we'd planned.

She got extra xanax from a dutch doctor who had no reason to fear consequence. And then we walked in the maze for too long before realizing we could dig under the walls.

We pawned our home off on our neighbor's sister. Whose boyfriend's wife was pregnant. And made sure to take the last of our coffee with us. Since the 7-11 wouldn't be in our driveway anymore.

It was hard to steer. Always wanting to look back. It was hard, but I had to do it. Home was waiting for us to catch up with it.

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