Friday 9/29/2006 12:42:00 AM

It was the wolf in his voice that I noticed first. As I chased the blood coming from my words. Carefully following my scabs like a trail of breadcrumbs. To the spot where he'd left.

With a neon voice that spelled out every thought. Made it glow. The hum of the metal massaging people into lovers. Taken i doses. He almost was the remedy.

It was early. The rust leaves still had their grip intact. When I was told. The nails I'd bitten would not be growing back. There were yellow fists in every corner. Stabbing bluntly at eyes that couldn't open anymore.

There was snow on the ground by the time I knew how much I'd lost.

All the things i thought I never had. There. But I didn't know how to to keep them. Or if I had the right.

He wanted to be the cure. My red-headed Jesus.

He did.

Save me.

From everyone but him.

Plastic roses bloom in cardboard gardens. While the paper rain pretends to take away our thirst.Plastic roses keep every petal until that cardboard soil falls apart.

Trying to catch those careless raindrops.

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