Monday 8/14/2006 12:46:00 AM

We'll never know why we were there. Or ask again. To try those aprons on for size. Stains and all. So many drinks just to be sober again. The rush of the mountains crippling my sprint. As we laid down into each other with every intention of waking up.

There are not enough dreams.

Nothing I can take with me after I've woken up.

And no one's there.

There is patient skin. That turns its rubber bands into palette. Stalwart brushes try to show me how wrong I was. Looking to find. Or to put color into those empty spaces.

There is no cost in telling them. Giving breath to that sigh. I do it so easily. Sneeze out that last bit armor. Submit to what I almost was.

His fingers everywhere. I wanted to stop him. But I;m not that different from the people I condemn.

Coaxing rainbows from the little colors that are left.

In what I've become.

With a million reasons to let it go. I cling to the one that promises it's not over.

Every eye has it's way of showing what must be seen.

wake me up when I'm young again and tell me we're still together.

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