Wednesday 7/19/2006 01:09:00 AM

It was the afternoon when the sun first shone. Deliberate and stern. Fate pointing its flashlight at a corner full of tired cobwebs. We wheezed out goodbyes and let Sunday decide what would happen to us.

The blind itinerary of seldom lovers. Destination anywhere else.

He had his medicine to offer. Quell the symptoms for a while. Loosen the collar on this cur. Turn a backyard into a continent.

He had his sympathies. They all did, but he a little moreso. I regretted that I couldn't heal for him. Find a way to make myself better. Because he made me believe the choice was there.

They all pretend to be vaccines, but most are only placebos.

So many people trying to cure their savior of the diseases they've given them.

The blurrier this mirror gets the better I'll remember how clear you once made it.

That I was drowning.

That saving was never what I wanted.

You were so sure I was lost that I almost believed you. You were so certain.

I could be saved that I came so close to letting it happen.

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