Monday 1/30/2006 10:35:00 PM

Stop. Put the cap back on that bottle. Cannot finish it yet.

Talk. Shoot each other with those blank bullets.

Watch. Waiting for that tender toe to land on a pebble.

Our past is our present. It's what we become. Scalloped on the tail of that river as away from us it runs.

We chase it. We follow. Never realizing it's chasing us.

Who I was. Oh, you did know her. Every wet drop in that painted finish. Scratch the enamel now, but you won't recognize what's underneath.

The taste of beer still in my kiss gives only to my lone swallow. The wrench of memory turns tighter. To the left. There is no loosening those rusty bolts.

We are. Always have been just what you wanted.

The feel of your touch. Melting ice cream. Cold and sticky on my skin. Filling every pore. My one moment of. My time machine. Don't take me back again.

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