Thursday 3/15/2012 01:28:00 AM

Blue dogs with their brown tails wagging. Like Solomon faced with impossible divisions. The arc of atom across her stare. Sharp and delicate. Like the blood from a tourniquet. Limbs waiting to fall off.

The choice touches the surface of the question. Shattering the skin. Ripples cascade. Deaf thunder. Mute apocalypse. Soft dolls in their soiled rags. Stitched smiles coming off.

I wasn't prepared for how far he'd go to illustrate his loneliness. A gentle beast with claws made of lead.

She loves in chokes. Fighting the clutch of a stubborn transmission. She lives in taradiddles. Rhythm raging against the impossible eclipse of silence. The lazy oracle of her skin pointing. Dismissing the treasure.

Her eyes like a billboard. Her lips like scissors. Cutting.

Jared Caraway said...

You are such an awesome writer. You truly have a knack for it. I've been following you for a little while now, and I'm impressed at your staying power. You must really love doing this.

I wonder: do you write and post as they come to you, or do you ever queue them up and schedule them to post at a future date to ensure a constant supply of new content?

softermaniac said...

thanks very much.

it's not love really... it's obsession.

but no, i write and publish on the fly. spontaneously.

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