Friday 3/16/2012 01:35:00 AM

I blink and I am asleep. Near enough to death to envy it. Helplessly alive. An agitated mongrel licking the ass of heaven. Slightly sweeter shit is still a better meal than usual.

I watch her dream. The density of her mania compressed. Into the paper thin sheaf of skin that possesses her touch. She suffers because she is too many things. A monster. Senile with the anatomy of its madness. An angel. Too stubborn to see. Paradise is lost.

There is chase. As I watch her run. A tiny thread unfurling to a lifetime of villains. The forest as close as it is distant. The trees like equations. Differentiating her thoughts. The leaves like oxygen. Falling. Giving everything weight.

The pelt of gravity as it eclipses virtue. The requisite conditions of the race. Sweat and tears and choking abdomens. Thick with the empty arithmetic of men.

I blink and I am awake. Nervously fondling that sexy precipice. Hating gravity for making me afraid to jump.

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