Wednesday 3/14/2012 01:49:00 AM

Dead or dying. The cut vein fails to bleed. Now that the heart has stopped beating. The tree is naked. Now that the autumn has come. Stolen. All its leaves. Eternity's spoiled mistress. Humble and unrecognized. Spits and stomps.

Long needles in short veins. The pleasure of why. It hurts. Like thunder. Trundling clouds. Punch the path. Scrape the flesh. Time's cold mason. Gathering his bricks.

Gentle walls define manic paths. Lost comes in gasps. Leave in fits. Like dying. And being revived. A maze of choices sick with skin. The wolf. The animal. The beast. The fairy tale warns. But I don't listen.

The broken flame. Parts to let her through.

the monsters dance. arrogant gnomes. flaunt the uncertainty. of weak men. weaker still. by their conditions. she chases the train. every word a hungry locomotive. she follows the tracks. as if she can keep up.

the ghosts whisper and she tries to listen. but she can't hear as well as they do.

long walks. like taut tourniquets. little pigs. brick houses. choices in straw.

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