Thursday 2/02/2006 11:27:00 PM

I get a song stuck in my head and it just won't leave. Same with people.

Light a cigarette and it just keeps on burning. It doesn't die until you kill it.

Open a beer. Bound to drink it all. Cuz it's there. Why waste the opportunity to feel a little less yourself than usual. They never come enough.

We thumb through the folders in our memory. Every tab with a label written in ink. As if they could ever be named.

I don't want to be us anymore. We were so much better when we were just you and me.

Every intrusion had a purpose. Every frame a picture.

And the film was always ready to speculate. What photographs we might've taken.

It was just a moment. Stolen into memory. Like every one is.

I want it to be, but it can't be us.


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