Wednesday 6/05/2024 11:36:00 PM

 we knew the crime before it knew us.

flirting with time. its lipstick smearing across our faces. 

wearing our choices like rotting flesh. 

we found the distance in quiet confessions.

selling when. its bandages heavy with our blood. 

the truth exploding in our fists.

dolls with hollow limbs. we tumbled wordlessly.

clutching our broken ladders. as gravity placed its bets. 

eyes closed, we crossed the intersection. eager for that collision. 

all of our villains named. all of our victims unimpressed. 

we stole the words from the pages not yet turned.

scavengers in hero's capes. the story held its breath. 

we saw the edge getting closer.

in spite of our calculations. 

still we kept running.

long after the road had ended. 

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