Wednesday 4/03/2024 11:19:00 PM

 we're quiet enough not to be heard. long threads teasing the wind. in the fading colors of shedding skin. 

we don't know their names. though they've said them. they'll always be strangers. 

the road strangles on our earnestness. we abandon our maps. atoms spinning in the centrifuge of want. 

we tear out the pages. we discard our pens. 

all our words have failed us. 

tomorrow is poised to forget.

the math chokes on our arrogance. slender stitches chewing on a preponderance of blood. 

our voices tremble. hollow dresses abandoned on empty beds. 

it's a fickle war we wage. against the villains we've created. 

stubborn heroes tangled in their capes. pretending to fly as they go over the edge. 

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