Tuesday 3/19/2024 11:20:00 PM

 steps become us. seized by the places we've been. 

pages torn from a stranger's flesh. stained by the choices we've made. 

wear the world in its ugly epidemic. every corner dirtier than we left it. 

time trembles. stale crumbs in yesterday's throat.

strays caught in love's elegant noose. 

the map unfolds. a ravenous predator. with fangs made of trust. 

our stories told in sudden detours. unmade beds and soiled pillows. 

a dubious surrender. chemistry's sudden lightning bolt. 

our bodies a series of  broken locks. desperate to be opened. 

we climb the stairs. allowing the ceiling to collapse.

tendering the swollen remains of obvious liars. 

the dead march in their savage parades.

all we can do is watch. 

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