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Distance Over Time
Sunday 3/03/2024 12:11:00 AM

what was I before I was us.

some minor fraction of time strangled by an errant decimal. 

my lingering time machines still humming. idle catastrophes more skin than meat. 

a quiet apocalypse of orphans and corpses. 

what have I become.

a long series of numbers. each preceding sum depreciating into the next. 

atoms in the void corrupted by life's poison nucleus. 

thirsty dolls in crowded gowns. 

what were we then.

stiff needles in scarred veins. delivering an ugly medicine. 

our disease more trapeze than cliff. 

shattered buttons on little girl's bloody dresses. 

what are we now.

the absurd remainders in an infinite division.

broken zippers on permanent skins. 


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