Thursday 8/04/2022 11:25:00 PM

 we shed our wanting. snakes escaping old flesh. 

the fuse still smoldering. we hungered for the flames. 

i've been a little pig. i've been the wolf. the difference is negligible. 

the void kept counting. as the distance churned. all spit and sweat on time's weary brow. 

we polished our pennies. we petitioned the void. shattering the windows on long abandoned houses. 

i've been the tortoise. i've been the hare. they're the same. 

life drags us from our slumber. in stutters and chokes.  we save each other with our different  diseases. 

long roads to lose ourselves on. gorgeous mazes to wander. 

it's quiet as the years shrug off their skeletons.

leaving us to suffocate inside these empty skins. 

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