Friday 8/12/2022 11:26:00 PM

 Now we're drawn. All lines. A deficit of colors. An abundance of flesh. Louder still with each hole we poke in it. 

Then we were. or so we might have been. monsters in the skins of men. spinning in the chains of logic. as choice collapsed. 

Licking the blood from the arrows still embedded deep inside our skin. 

Spending the hours in pennies. As time's price increases.

Monkeys shitting in our cages.

Dismissed by evolution. 

the door opens in a torrent of staircases. the bandages swallow the blood. as wounds fail to heal. 

we scrape the edge. stealing from each other everything that is missing inside of us. 

we break softly. in long strings of numbers. led by our fangs. betrayed by our claws. 

Stumbling over each other. In a cacophony of broken promises. 

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