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Distance Over Time
Sunday 7/24/2022 11:54:00 PM

the distance puckered. glutted with all our sour. the intersection buckled. burdened by the heft of our vanity. the thread knotted as our stitches hurried to close. all the beautiful gashes we'd torn in our skin.

the magician took off his hat. and we could see the heartbeat of  the illusion as it died. 

we were angry, but undefeated. even as our shackles laughed. 

time lit its match. igniting everything. 

we gathered our puppets. hoping to save what remained of the catastrophe. 

i stumbled toward the edge. to see how deep the void goes. i tossed a pebble in. and waited.

but never heard it hit the bottom.

 the lie was plain enough that we believed it. 


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