Tuesday 6/07/2022 11:17:00 PM

 the distance swallowed and suddenly everything was much too close. 

we slithered back inside those skins we'd shed. but they no longer fit us.

time chewed on our questions and spit our what remained of our choices. all the answers curdled. 

still the little girl kept drawing her pictures. even  after she'd used up every color.

the words heavy in her imagination.  ripe fruit left unpicked.

the truth careless. the memory quicksand.

still the little boy kept looking for her. long after she was gone. 

there is no end. no beginning.

only our shifting proximity to what we want. 

i could let the void spill over its edge. allow it to consume me. discarding the past like a dirty dress. 

but that little girl. she doesn't listen.  

and that little boy. he remains unconvinced

we stumble over our treasons. clumsy predators. stealing each other in little pieces.

until there's nothing left to take. 

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