Tuesday 5/24/2022 11:23:00 PM

these plastic skeletons break against the force of our momentum. the tumble of how against gravity's indifference. 

time was our wager. we bet it all. a compilation of our little fictions. all sharp teeth and broken claws. debts of pain we'd been accumulating for years. finally collecting. 

choice was our fragile edge. as the bottom opened its jaws. we were ready to be swallowed. to let it choke on our remains. 

these paper skins tear against the friction of our touch. we're small pebbles of candy. sweet and sour as we dissolve. ripe with all the fickle poisons that compel us to live. 

hope is our enemy as we navigate the inferno of want.

we take each other in like needles.

only to find the cure is treason. 

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