Thursday 5/05/2022 11:29:00 PM

 we choked on the sun. we swallowed the wind. our sinking trajectories like boulders under our skin. 

we lay in the soil. waiting for consent. from the circus of ghosts between every breath. 

i knew all the numbers by name. the liars and the thieves. i spent the years like melting candy. as the brittle intersections crumbled. and time devoured every path. 

we broke the branches from the trees. and left the fruit to rot. while the world swiftly forgot us. once virulent monsters gnawing on their dwindling constants. 

gravity carved its maps into our flesh. falling was all we could do. 

the years continued to turn. a collection of pages. all the stories we couldn't tell. 

failed by our words. defeated by our choices. the truth a poison always inside us. 

we touched the corners of our desire and chased our absent gods.

frantic as we pieced together the remaining fractions of our paradise. 

still sticky with expectation as the structure came undone. 

tomorrow arriving in empty cages. 

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