Saturday 4/23/2022 10:59:00 PM

 we broke the surface. breathing for the first time. shedding our seldom skins as we opened the zippers on our empty skeletons. 

the pinch of waiting. the echo of distance.

we made our way inside each other. digging our deepening tunnels. ignoring the integrity of our path.

we spent ourselves in simple lies. no colors. just sharp lines. as we let the structure collapse. 

fractions of how cutting our throats. 

a confession of numbers. testifying against every word. 

running softly. in the shadow of our shame. 

no measures. no ignition. as the spark betrays. 

we were wearing our gowns in tangled ruffles and jagged hems. trying to intimidate the predators. 

no weapons. just our swollen maps. still taking us to all the wrong places. 

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