Friday 1/07/2022 11:38:00 PM

 the hours simmered. hot with envy and expectation. our words porcupines. our choices wolves. 

the minutes charm. the years deceive. stubborn magicians. searching their empty top hats. for missing rabbits. 

we measure time in cuts and bruises. we find our truth in spit and blood. animals  pulling
on leashes we've created. mice lost in the mazes of our own design. 

i taste the edge. the sour embrace of what almost was. i seal the envelope. with all the wrong words inside it. 

we carry the disease for years. eventually the poison escapes. 

the knots tighten. the choice is strangled. 

we remain. in the franchise of our ignorance. jaws open. eyes shut. wailing for an impossible world that we continue to imagine. 

our bent claws caked with blood. our quivering lips heavy with contrition. 

animals in the cloaks of gods. desperate to prove our relevance. 

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